BIO: Ruth worked professionally, by education and practice, as a graphic designer using computer applications to create designs for the print medium. On retirement in 2007, she had a desire to bring physical materials into the creative process and so started to paint with various materials and grounds. Using her past experience, she applied the elements and principles of design she had learned in her practice of graphic art to her exploration of fine art. Her first exhibition was in 2009 and since then she has continued to grow as an artist while continuing her personal pursuit of artistic diversity.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I enjoy experimenting with the versatility of mixed media and I often use unconventional tools. The interplay between the media and the surfaces I work on is a key factor in allowing me to build the complexity of visual interest I want to achieve using color, pattern and texture. Unexpected interactions and the directed removal and rebuilding of layers produces the art of serendipity I love! Keeping a daily sketchbook grounds me in the artist’s tradition of close observation of the physical world. Exploring in this way is the challenge I enjoy and the satisfaction I get from the creative process.